Are you feeling that something is missing in your family life? You are not alone more than 75% of the couples share the same sentiments. Is husband and wife relationship a tug of war?
The good news is that you can now change that!
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 Is husband and wife relationship a tug of war?

Welcome To Family Gaga – Fun On the Fly Family Enrichment Workshop to Improve Husband Wife Relationship and Enhance Bonding with Children(FOF FEW)

If you Google for the meaning of the word Gaga, this is what you are likely to find: “slightly mad, typically as a result of old age, infatuation, or excessive enthusiasm” We at Family Gaga are excessively enthusiastic about Family Life. We are slightly mad too to the extent that we are compelled to talk to others about this one single concept that we are infatuated with, “Family Enrichment.” We have a simple but important message to share, which is summarized in our tagline, “Fun on the fly…”

Family is a fountain of joy. It is nice to read it and to see it in print but for how many of us it is so? We are here to help you mend this fountain and make that love, joy and happiness gush out once again in your life.

Family Gaga Fun On the Fly Family Enrichment Workshop (FOF FEW) brings to you highly engaging workshops and seminars for couples who are groping in the darkness, hoping to find meaning in their family life.

You may be just married,

Married for just a few years,

Married for several years,

Or even have celebrated your silver or golden jubilee of your wedding anniversary…

Our programs will help you look back and review your marriage…to help you rediscover that love for your spouse once again (or discover that love for the first time!).

No more strangers under the same roof!

Family Gaga Family Enrichment Program For Corporate Houses

At FamilyGaga, we firmly believe and we know that peaceful family life ensures productive employees. Healthy and happy family life help in secreting that creative juice among your employees and it makes them get involved with the organizational goals better as they will be more present to the ‘moment’ rather than being preoccupied with familial, relationship-oriented tensions and concerns those that make them feel, burnt out. Remember, your employees go back home daily to return rejuvenated for work the next day. This rejuvenation takes place only in a healthy family environment. If you are worried about your organization’s bottom line, then you better support your employees in every way possible to establish a healthy family life. We have one-day and two-day/weekend Family Gaga family enrichment workshops, which will be an ideal alternative for your routine annual family get together programs. For more information on FamilyGaga Family Enrichment Workshops and Marriage Relationship Building Workshops  and seminars for your employees / staff do get in touch with us.

Invest In Quality Family Time To Save Yourself From Approaching Family Counselors and Marriage Counselling In India

Spend just one hour of quality time with your family and you will see how your family relationship flourishes. Families that have quality family time seldom approach family counselors in India or look for marriage counseling in India. 

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Daily Inspirations

Words mean everything… but words alone do not mean anything.
Antony Innocent
It didn’t matter how big our house was; it mattered that there was love in it.
Peter Buffett
Just one hour of quality time with your family daily could do wonders…commit to consistency here and you will but see results!
Antony Innocent
Beware, our children are all the time learning from us, regardless of whether we are teaching them or not; we are teaching them all the time regardless of whether we are aware of it or not!
Antony Innocent
Often our superficial approach betrays us very badly, regardless of whether it is spirituality or family.
Antony Innocent
Does the environment determine ‘who I am’ or ‘who I am’ decides my environment?
Antony Innocent
Beware of the lessons implied by the lessons you teach! At times, the lessons that are implied could become more powerful than the ones you actually teach.
Antony Innocent
At least for some problems and questions in life, it will look as if there isn’t any answer… but only if time freezes…
Antony Innocent
How insane? We simply expect that everyone ELSE should be fair to us!
Antony Innocent